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Written and Illustrated by Fransie Malherbe Frandsen.



The real joy of reading Do babies wear pyjamas? lies in the myriad of visual elements on each page which prompt interaction with one's children when reading this book to them. Makes reading to two children of different ages so much easier and more rewarding! Highly recommended.

Francois Van Schalkwyk

These books really tap into a child’s inquisitive nature and natural sense of humour. They are quirky, clever and funny!


What a treat for young and old! I particularly loved the Tinster’s participation in the weal and woe of the family.

Owner of two Dachsies and Granny of 7 granddogs

What I love about Alexander's Questions is the author’s witty sense of humour. Children's books are rarely as subtle and funny at the same time! Great books for kids that parents will enjoy reading as well.

Maya Raymond

We bought the second book in the series Do daddies have ants in their pants?" So we wanted to get the first one too. It's a lovely story with wonderful settings and I particularly like the combined use of photographs, drawings and backgrounds. Looking forward to the next book!

Beatriz Lapham

An excellent read and fun for both reader and child - you find new things on every page each time you read it!


A truly fascinating story with illustrations that instantly capture your child's full attention - and your own! Our daughter is one big smile and two waving arms when we pull out the book from the shelf. Really looking forward to the next book in the series!

Bo Højriis

Layer upon charmingly illustrated layer, the Alexander’s Questions series invite a parent and their child to explore the world through the eyes of the inquisitive young boy, Alexander, as he seeks answers to seemingly humorous questions. It’s a delight to unravel the double meanings of words and phrases, often creating your own as you turn the pages.

Anne Taylor

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